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Exit Interviews

Exit interviews help uncover real “unguarded” employee perceptions of the work culture, day-to-day challenges, issues pertaining to management style, workplace ethics and employee morale. An exit interview also offers insight into why employees would want to leave the company. Once employees have handed in their resignation and know they are going to be leaving they are far more likely to open up and be honest when asked to provide constructive criticism in terms of how they perceive the company, the way it is run, its culture, its management style, the opportunities offered for career growth.

Suffolk Human Resources Consulting can help you with:

  • Conducting exit interviews on behalf of your company or guidance on how to get the most benefit out of exit interviews

  • Creating retention plans to help successful employees want to stay working for your company

  • Correct any problems that are going unreported

  • Tracking and analysis of trends and recommendations

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