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Employee Handbook/Policy

An up-to-date, legal handbook is essential for all businesses. An employee handbook communicates policies, benefits and work standards to all employees. It provides an appropriate means through which the employer can disseminate legally required policies, such as anti-harassment protections, address options for employee family and medical leave, and explain employment at will or drug testing policies. The handbook is also valuable for supervisors responsible for enforcing your company policies.

Suffolk Human Resources Consulting can help you with:

  • Designing a legal internal handbook policy

  • Ensuring your company’s legal compliance with relevant laws at the Federal and State level

  • Ensuring important information is messaged correctly to employees

  • Training supervisors and managers on their role in educating others effectively about the handbook policies

  • Auditing your current handbook policy to ensure your content is current and relevant; suggesting amendments to either streamline or clarify where applicable

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